What is Dermasiswa Scheme

It is an exception of semester fees and tuition fees within the one (1) year duration (3 semester) of study. Students are required to pay RM450 which consist of:

  • The registration Fees - RM250
  • The fees for Wang Hemat Diri - RM200
  • Hostel fees during the registration:
    - Bestari Jaya Campus (RM675 per semester)

Dermasiswa SchemeTerm

  • Malaysian
  • Qualified and has been offered to participate and complete any UNISEL Foundation Programmes with one (1) year (3 semester)
  • Students must sign a contract to continue studying at Degree level in UNISEL until graduation
  • Students are required to pay damages penalty amounting to RM12,000 in respect of:
    - Quit or failed to complete their Foundation Programmes
    - Quit or failed to complete their Degree level studies
    - Quit or failed to pursue bachelor's degree after graduation from the Foundation Programmes in UNISEL
    - Dismissed from UNISEL on disciplinary action/case
  • Convocation fees and other fees such as MUET is under students responsibility

Contact Information

  • Marketing Department (Dermasiswa) : 03-5522 3578 / 3435
  • Finance Department (Fees) : 03-5522 3544 / 3558
  • Residential College (Hostel) : 03-5524 1562

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